X Jewellery 2019 - NEW

Se alle de nye flotte rubber links og sølv links fra X Jewellery 2019
X Jewellery - Petite Sølvkæde
X Jewellery - Fuchsia rubber X
X Jewellery - Styrke, bronze dobbelt link
X Jewellery - Gylden Cognac rubber X
X Jewellery - Uendelig, bronze lås
X Jewellery - Melodi, sølv dobbel link
X Jewellery - Befri fjer Link

welcome the coziest season with new fall collection from x jewellery

So it's finally time for big cups of tea, plaids, fireplaces, long talks and fall jewellery.
Welcome the new collection from X Jewellery that will put you into the right mood. 
If you are already X Jewellery lover, then you have a solid collection of colorful rubber links. Now you can add two brand new colors: lilac and golden cognac. If you are new to the line, it's a perfect start as the colors are very neutral and warm. 
Add new Enternity bronze lock and Strength bronze link - and you are ready for anything. 
Want some silver links? Check new Melody, Free Feather and Light Feather links. 
As something brand new (and truely amazing) X Jewellery is presenting silver half bangle links!

We are really looking forward to see your combinations with it.