Waxing Poetic

Lækre retrosmykker i nye klæder, det er, hvad der kan beskrive Waxing Poetics stil.Perlenodense.dk er stolte af at være de første forhandlere af Waxing Poetic i Europa. Waxing Poetic´s kollektioner består af smukke charms udført i sølv, messing, bronze og sten, og ofte er designet inspireret af Antikken. Konceptet er, at du har mange charms på din halskæde eller dit armbånd, som du bl.a. "fanger" i en karabinhage.
Gå ikke glip af starten på Waxing Poetics indtog i Europa.

Waxing Poetic Jewelry

If you love different jewellery in boho and vintage styles then Waxing Poetic Jewelry must be your cup of tea. Mostly known for it's necklaces and charm pendants, this brand still has so much else to offer - brass, silver, leather and hematit bracelets, hematit necklaces (our personal favourites), bigger pendants and earrings.

No matter if you are already aquainted with Waxing Poetic or you are new to it, it's the whole new world for itself.
Though it's worth mentioning that all charm pendants have a bigger hole, so they will fit all bracelets from main brands.

Take a look at the Waxing Poetic Camp Charms - small brass pendants with silver ornaments. Or what about Waxing Poetic Vocabulary charms? Amazing detailed symbol pendants.

Want to try something new?
Go for a hematit necklace and bigger pendants - we promise you: you won't regret. Looking for great savings?

Check the Waxing Poetic retired and stones of the month sections. All the items are already discounted with 20% !

For all earrings' lovers Waxing Poetic is offering boho style earrings in brass and silver with crystals.

Waxing Poetic meaning?