Redbalifrog - Bliss Mass

Se den nye fantastiske julekollektion fra Redbalifrog med 4 nye sølv juleinspirerede kugler, 1 nyt stort vedhæng og en helt fantastisk sølv bambus armring.
Redbalifrog - Sneugle, sølvkugle
Redbalifrog - Snefnug, sølvvedhæng
Redbalifrog - Kristtjørn mand, sølvkugle
Redbalifrog - Bali Bamboo armring, sølv
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Redbalifrog new Bliss Mass Collection.

The count down is starting tomorrow! Are you looking forward to Christmas as much as we are? I bet you are!

It's the most magical time of the year and the most loved month here in Denmark. And personally by me :)

Have you started thinking of your outfit for Christmas evening?
We have something you'd better add to it - new Christmas Bliss Mass collection from Redbalifrog has landed and ready to be shipped immediately.
Just on time for Christmas!

As usual it's rather difficult to point out one item from Redbalifrog to be the favourite but just look at this pendant! Isn't it lovely?
The sweatest winter thing for your winter bracelet.